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Our Approach

Building An Inclusive Society that Benefits Everyone

We strive for more inclusive classrooms, workplaces, and communities for young people with disabilities. This is our unique blueprint for building an inclusive society that benefits everyone.

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Inclusion Starts with Our Words

At INCLUDEnyc, many of us have children or family members with disabilities or are people with disabilities. As an organization, we typically use person-first language. However, we also respect individual preferences to use identity-first language. 

At the foundation, we believe that disability is not a deficit. It is important that both person-first and identity-first language name disability. Talking about disability is an essential part of how we advocate for ourselves and our community. 

We believe that language is a powerful tool to achieve inclusion. When we each change our language, we transform our intentions, our attitudes, and our ability to include. 

Young people with disabilities should fully participate and be meaningfully included in our schools, workplaces, and communities. We believe in building an inclusive society that elevates everyone. These are the values that guide our language choices. 

Young Black girl playing with colorful blocks at INCLUDEnyc Fair

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