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Becoming a Vet Tech

September 2, 2021
Community Voices

I’m in my second year at LaGuardia Community College and studying to become a vet tech. I’ve always loved animals. When I was little, I had a puppy. I remember the day that I got him. It was a surprise and I was incredibly excited. But the puppy wasn’t as healthy as we thought and we lost him. From that moment, I knew I needed to work with animals.

The first semester of college was tough. I didn’t receive the right information about the combination of classes I was supposed to take and I lost my financial aid. INCLUDEnyc helped me get back on track. I registered for the right classes and settled my financial aid. With Mia’s support, I also did well during my spring semester. I learned to speak up for myself, which includes going to my professor’s office hours and asking for help. I also have better communication with my advisor and director of the vet tech program. It’s a competitive program at our school, so it’s important to stay on track. I was just approved for pre-med classes.

I’ve also been working on my public speaking skills. I was invited to INCLUDEnyc’s “Meet and Greet” event where older Project Possibility participants give advice to incoming freshmen in the program. Ordinarily, I would get nervous to make a presentation, but Mia offered me tips and I went into the meeting prepared with talking points. I’m really looking forward to doing more events in the future and glad to have INCLUDEnyc on my side during this next year of college.

INCLUDEnyc’s Project Possibility program provides intensive support for youth who are transitioning into adult life. This program is made possible with lead funding from The Taft Foundation, Con Edison, and the J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation, among other funders.