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General Educational Development Test: Return of the GED

October 4, 2023
Adult Life, Special Education, Transition Planning

Formerly the TASC Exam, and now back to the GED, young adults may take the General Educational Development Test (GED) to earn a high school equivalency diploma.

As of January 2022, New York State has returned to the General Educational Development Test (GED) for the High School Equivalency exam. For more information, visit

The GED test includes four sections:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) (reading and writing subtest combined)
  • Mathematical Reasoning 
  • Science
  • Social Studies 

Test takers get immediate access to unofficial passing scores through the GED account portal. 

New GED Test results are blended with previously passed subtests. If only reading or writing was previously passed on the 2002-2013 GED Test or the 2014-2021 TASC Test, or sub-test credit approved via passing Regents exams, the Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) must be taken and passed for HSE credit. 

To verify which sub-tests need to be taken for the GED test, the High School Equivalency (HSE) Status Report can be used to search candidate records in the NYS HSE database and to verify NYS HSE diplomas/transcripts or current HSE status. (Note: colleges and employers can use this portal to verify if an HSE diploma has been earned while waiting for official documents.)

Once a diploma has been earned, the HSE Office will automatically issue and mail the official document to the address provided within 8-10 weeks after testing is complete.  

GED Eligibility:

  • Currently not enrolled in a high school program
  • Have not earned a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma
  • Must live in NYS for at least 30 days
  • Be 19 years old or older

If under 19 years old, test takers must get approval to take the exam in NYS based on age eligibility requirements:

  • If at least 17 years of age:
    • Has not attended a full-time HS program in the last 12 months
    • Be enrolled in an HSE preparation program or accepted to a postsecondary institution (or college) or have been accepted to U.S. Armed Forces or is homeschooled* or foreign-born and never attended K-12 school in U.S. 
    • See here for more information about age eligibility.
  • If at least 16 years of age:
    • Reached maximum compulsory school attendance age (MCSAA)**
    • Be enrolled in an HSE preparation program or accepted to a postsecondary institution (ex: college) or have been accepted to U.S. Armed Forces or is homeschooled or foreign-born and never attended K-12 school in U.S.

*To be eligible, test takers who are 16 must complete the school year and be enrolled in a High School Equivalency prep program.

**Maximum compulsory school attendance age (MCSAA) is reached July 1st of the school year immediately following when a student is legally permitted to withdraw from school (age 16 or 17 depending on the school district).

To Apply:

  • Visit the GED website to create an account. 
  • Select a Test Center (Note: online testing is not available in NYS)
  • Choose which test subjects you’ll be taking
  • Select a testing date.
  • Download and complete the age eligibility form if under 19 years old, available here.

Note: New York State covers the cost of taking the GED exam for individuals eligible to take the exam. (See age requirements)

Additional Resources:

The New York State Department of Education (DOE) and some community organizations provide HSE preparation programs for free:

For questions about the GED exam, visit, email, or contact the NYSED HSE call center at (518) 474-5906. 

For more information about requesting accommodations, see INCLUDEnyc’s Obtaining Accommodations on GED Test tip sheet.