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What is a Functional Behavioral Assessment?  

The process of determining why a student engages in behaviors that impede learning and how the student’s behavior relates to the environment. In other words, it’…

Family Support, Special Education

Selecting an ABA Provider

Learn how to select a licensed Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provider in New York City.

Advocacy, Family Support, Special Education

Federal Special Education Law

Students with disabilities have a right to a free appropriate education in the most inclusive setting possible.

Family Support

Food Assistance

Find some citywide and borough-based food pantries for you and your family. Hours may vary during the pandemic.

Early Childhood, Family Support

COVID Temperature Checks

Tips to help students prepare for temperatures checks at school or at the doctor’s office.

Family Support, Parenting

Help Your Child Wear a Mask

Use these five tips to help your child wear a mask and stay safe.

Early Childhood, Family Support, Parenting


Redirection is a way to redirect your child’s behavior from “inappropriate to appropriate.”

Early Childhood, Family Support, Parenting

Tips for Managing Challenging Behaviors

When you encounter challenging behavior, here are dos and don’ts on how to redirect your child.

Family Support, Special Education

New York Public Library’s BrainFuse HelpNow

Offered through the New York Public Library, Brainfuse HelpNow is a free online tutoring service for students of all ages in various subjects.