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Selecting an ABA Provider

October 27, 2021
Family Support, Special Education

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) may be used to teach individuals, including those on the autism spectrum, more effective ways of behaving through the use of social consequences. When you are selecting a program for your child, you may encounter different providers discussing their experience implementing an ABA curriculum. However, this does not mean that the provider is ABA certified.

Here’s how to check the credentials of your Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) provider:

If your BCBA provider was first certified by the board, check the Behavior Analysis Certification Board:

Click on “Find a BCBA,” search by name or zip code, and when you find the name of your provider, click on it and you will see when they were first board certified.

Click on “Licensed Behavior Analyst” under “Profession.” Type the provider’s name and click search. When you find the name of your provider, you will see when they were first licensed to practice in NYS. 

ABA became a licensed profession in NYS in 2014. Although your analyst could be certified by the board as of 2007, their NYS licensure could not have been issued before 2014. You can check with your health insurance provider to get the names of providers who accept your insurance.