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NYS Opportunity Programs & CUNY Support Programs


NYS Opportunity Programs provide access (admissions), academic support, and often supplemental financial assistance. They make higher education possible for students who do not meet the regular admissions guidelines at a particular college but who demonstrate potential for success. Eligible students must meet specific income guidelines.

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP):
HEOP is found at many private NYS colleges and universities. For more information:

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP):
EOP is found at many SUNY colleges and universities. For more information:

SEEK & College Discovery (CD):
SEEK & CD are found at CUNY colleges. For more information:



  • Available at select CUNY campuses
  • Created to help associate degree students graduate in 2 years
  • Provides a range of financial, academic, and personal supports including comprehensive and personalized advisement, career counseling, tutoring, waivers for tuition and mandatory fees, MTA MetroCards, and additional financial assistance to defray the cost of textbooks
  • Requires full-time attendance and maximum credit accumulation per semester
  • For more information:


  • For students seeking an associate degree who did not meet CUNY’s proficiency requirement.
  • Offers students full or part-time classes with trained teachers and advisors to help prepare them for college level courses.
  • $75 fee per semester which includes materials
  • For more information:


  • Available at select CUNY campuses
  • For students who demonstrate need for skill development in math only based on CUNY Assessment Test results
  • Shorter cycles cost just $35, semester-long programs cost $75 (all fees include materials)
  • For more information:

Project Reach:

  • Provides support to college students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and works to educate faculty and staff about students with ASD.
  • For more information:

CUNY Immersion Programs:

  • Intensive workshops during the summer and/or January intersession to develop proficiency in reading, writing, and/or math.
  • Student placement based on performance on CUNY Assessment Tests.
  • Check individual CUNY college websites for more information on their immersion programs.

Learning Academy (new program – BMCC only):

  • Helps students transition to college and stay on track until graduation and transfer.
  • For students interested in a personalized academic advisor and a supportive,
  • knowledgeable community of peers, faculty, and academic resources.
  • For more information:

CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP):

  • For English Language Learners who have not passed their CUNY placement test.
  • CLIP offers students one year of intensive English language instruction for college readiness.
  • For more information:


  • Provides students with disabilities career and academic guidance, support with program/job referrals, or with ACCES-VR.
  • Academic advising, career counseling, career, resume, and interview preparation, referrals to internships, jobs.
  • Works one-on-one with students to foster self-advocacy skills.
  • For more information:


  • For students who are neurodiverse, have a learning disability or psychological disabilities and are sponsored by ACCES-VR.
  • Provides assistive technology support, internships/job placements, and career assessment services and work readiness skills.
  • Students earn a CUNY LEADS Plus work readiness credential upon completion of the curriculum.
  • For more information: