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It Takes a Village

June 21, 2021
Community Voices

This Father’s Day, I was thinking about how my sons have grown.

When my youngest, Carlos, was a child, the pediatric neurologist told us that he would never speak. But he started talking when he was about six years old. Flash forward, Carlos is graduating high school this June and is going to St. Francis College to study accounting.

As a parent, you do as much as you can for your family. You spend time with your children, you take care of them, and you hope to instill values in them. But they also become their own individuals. And it takes a village to raise and support them.

INCLUDEnyc is a part of our village. Two of our sons, Carlos and Marco, are involved with the Project Possibility program right now. Within the past year alone, I can see the difference. Carlos is becoming so independent. He excels in STEM courses because he’s a problem-solver and a critical thinker. With INCLUDEnyc, he’s been working on his professional interview skills and résumé, and received support throughout the college application process.

INCLUDEnyc also helped Marco. When he was in high school, Marco wasn’t receiving his mandated supportive services. His school also didn’t address transition planning. Marco is doing well at LaGuardia Community College. He’s studying communications and wants to become a sports broadcaster. He is so well-versed in sports statistics and seems to know the all-time roster of his favorite team: the Mets.

It’s been such a joy seeing my sons become respectful young men and their own people. I’m grateful for the help we’ve received and I’m proud of the progress they’ve made.

Hope you had a wonderful Happy Father’s Day!

Kevin is a proud father of three sons—Carlos, Marco, and Daniel—and works for the fire department. He roots for the Mets.