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What is a Functional Behavioral Assessment?  

The process of determining why a student engages in behaviors that impede learning and how the student’s behavior relates to the environment. In other words, it’…

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NYC High School Diploma Options

Explore what is required to earn Regents, local, and High School Equivalency diplomas.

K-12, Special Education

What Families Should Know About School Busing

K-12, Special Education

Specialized Programs

Specialized programs, like ASD Nest, are offered in community schools or at select District 75 program sites.

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Breaking Down the IEP

K-12, Special Education

Non-Public Schools

A student with an IEP will be placed in a non-public school if no appropriate public program exists.

Early Childhood, K-12, Special Education

Special Education: Initial Steps Timeline

Special education process can be overwhelming. Here is a simple overview to better understand the special education process.

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Questions to Ask During the High School Application Process

To find the right high school for a student with a disability, consider these key questions about programs, academics, and supports.

K-12, Special Education

Applying to Middle Schools and High School with an IEP

Learn about middle and high school admissions formulas requiring schools to hold seats for students with disabilities (SWD) as well as eligibility.