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Advocacy, Special Education

IEP Teams

Learn more about what an IEP meeting looks like, who should attend, and how to effectively advocate for your child.

Advocacy, Special Education

Mediation and Impartial Hearings

Explore options to resolve special education problems at school.

Advocacy, Family Support, Special Education

Federal Special Education Law

Students with disabilities have a right to a free appropriate education in the most inclusive setting possible.

Advocacy, Special Education

Charter Schools and Your Rights

Learn more about the rights of students with disabilities within charter schools.

Advocacy, Special Education

Developing an IEP for an ELL

Learn more about the process for how English Language Learners are referred for special education services.

Advocacy, Special Education

Communications Log

As you advocate for your child, use this template to keep track of interactions and contacts.

Advocacy, Special Education

Independent Education Evaluation

If the school district fails to evaluate your child, or if you disagree with the results, you have the right to request an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE).

Advocacy, Family Support, Special Education

How to Request Records for Preschoolers

You are entitled to copies of your child’s educational records. Here is a sample letter you can use to make this request at your child’s school or local CPSE office.

Advocacy, Early Childhood, Special Education

How to Request a Preschooler IEP Review Meeting

You can request a meeting with your preschooler’s IEP team at any time to discuss making changes to the IEP. Here is a sample letter that you can send to request the CPSE meeting.