Think College New York! College Options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Come learn what college options are out there in NYC and nationwide for students with intellectual disabilities. Families, young people, and professionals will receive expert advice from leaders in the field, find out more about what happens on local CUNY campuses, and will hear first-hand experiences from a student with disabilities and a family member.

-The difference between traditional and alternate college pathways

-What do inclusive campus communities look like?

-Locating colleges in NYS and the USA

-Outcomes: Why college?

-How do I pay?

-Parent and student perspectives


Barbara Bookman, Director of Disability Programs, CUNY

Dr. Carole Gothelf, Director of Individualized Supports, AHRC NYC

Dr. Martha Mock, Associate Professor, University of Rochester

Kristen Thatcher, Melissa Riggio Higher Education Program at the College of Staten Island Alumnae

Lynn Thatcher, Parent

Moderated by: INCLUDEnyc's Jean Mizutani

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