INCLUDEnyc LIVE:  How to Get Assistive Technology on Your Child’s IEP

Assistive technology (AT) is any device — or support required to use the device — that helps a student with a disability to learn. Find out how to obtain AT devices and services though the NYC Department of Education by following the steps: referral, evaluation, IEP recommendation, AT training, and implementation.

As a parent of a son with a disability, a former teacher of general and special education, and Senior Manager of Disability and Education Policy at INCLUDEnyc, Lori is a passionate advocate for appropriate educational services for students with disabilities. Her unique combination of practical, personal, and professional experience lends her the expertise necessary to connect deeply with and truly help families and their young people with disabilities.

Presented by INCLUDEnyc's Senior Manager of Disability and Education Policy Lori Podvesker

Download the packet for this presentation here.