Steps to Obtaining Accommodations in College

It can take time to put accommodations, modifications, and assistive technology into place in college, and as a student, it is your responsibility to provide necessary documentation in a timely manner.

Obtaining accommodations in college is different than in high school in these ways:

  • It is your responsibility to obtain and maintain accommodations.
  • You will have to reapply for accommodations every year.
  • You will have to submit accommodation requests for each exam to your school’s accessibility office in order to schedule extra space, time, or a text reader.
  • Students should discuss all accommodations with their accessibility counselor and service providers, such as vocational rehabilitation counselor or Medicaid service provider (ACCES-VR, OPWDD), if relevant.

How to Apply For Reasonable Accommodations

  1. Student decides what to disclose and what accommodations to request.
  2. Student provides application and documentation to accessibility office.
  3. Student meets with accessibility counselor.
  4. Student self-identifies to staff and professors.
  5. Student applies for accommodations 1-2 weeks before accommodations are needed.
  6. Repeat as needed.
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