School Transfers

If attending the school that your child is assigned to presents a hardship (such as travel, safety, medical, or child care), you may be entitled to a Hardship Transfer. Most requests can be made at The Family Welcome Center Enrollment Office. For a safety transfer, requests must come from the school. Ask to meet with the school guidance counselor to review information explaining the safety concern, and request that copies be sent to the Borough Enrollment Office.

Childcare Transfer
Grades K-5 only

You should request a Childcare Transfer if your child’s school is too far from your work or childcare location. You will need to provide documents from your employer and/or childcare provider.

Sibling Transfer
Grades K-5 only

You can request this transfer if you want your child to move to a school that his/her sibling currently attends and will attend the following school year. Both siblings must live in the same household as the applicant.

Medical Transfer

A Medical Transfer is necessary if your child’s current school isn’t providing the right support for his/her medical condition. A medical condition could include severe anxiety caused by the current school environment. You must submit documentation signed by a doctor on his/her letterhead that states your child’s medical condition and the reason why the transfer is necessary. A Department of Education staff member may contact your child’s doctor for more information.


Safety Transfer

If your child is unsafe at his/her current school, meet with a school staff member to discuss your concerns. All safety transfer requests must come from the school. Schools must submit a safety transfer intake form, police report (if applicable), occurrence report, and a safety transfer summary of investigation form.


Travel Hardship Transfer
Grades 9-12 only

Your child’s commute must be more than 75 minutes one way, or the school must be difficult to get to by public transportation (for example, more than 3 subway/bus changes). You will have to provide proof of address (lease, utility bill, etc.) and a statement asserting that it takes longer than 75 minutes for your child to get to school.


Public School Choice Transfer

These transfer opportunities are for students attending certain low performing schools and are different from Hardship Transfers. Eligible students will receive a letter by mail in February containing a Public School Choice application which may lead to an opportunity to transfer to a higher performing school.

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