IEP Facilitation

Are you in a dispute about your child’s special education services?
Does your child attend school in District 24 (Queens) or District 10 (Bronx)?


  • District 24 and District 10 have been chosen by the NY State Education Department to pilot the use of IEP Facilitation.
  • A facilitated IEP meeting is the same as any other IEP meeting, except that a neutral, trained facilitator joins the meeting to assist in developing an IEP for a student with a disability.
  • IEP Facilitation can be used to resolve disputes that can occur at IEP meetings, thereby reducing the need for due process (mediation and impartial hearings).
  • Can be requested for Committee on Special Education (CSE) meetings.
  • IEP Facilitators are certified by NYSED and trained in IEP development, special education law, regulation, and conflict resolution. The facilitator is not a decision-maker, is impartial, and does not represent the parent, school district, or State.

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