Homework Tips for Elementary School Students

  1. Have a set time and well-lit place for your child to do homework every day.
  2. When possible, let your child choose when s/he does homework
  3. Help your child get organized by writing due dates on a calendar.
  4. Place all homework supplies (pencils, pens, paper, etc.) within reach.
  5. Encourage your child not to rush through homework.
  6. Allow your child to listen to music or stand up if that helps him/her focus on homework.
  7. Take short breaks if your child is getting frustrated. Try to be flexible when necessary.
  8. Review all homework after your child completes it.
  9. Stay informed. Talk with your child’s teacher. Know upcoming deadlines and let the teacher know if your child is struggling with homework.
  10. Be positive. Tell your child how important homework is.
  11. Build confidence by praising your child. Hang good grades and artwork on the refrigerator.
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