A childcare provider should offer much more than basic care. They should provide quality interaction on a daily basis. Children should be treated as individuals, with activities provided that best suit their age and ability levels. Find a program that is flexible and recognizes your family’s specific needs.

What kind of program to look for

  • A licensed facility with an adequate number of well-trained staff members
  • A program that encourages parents to actively engage and work as partners
  • One that provides a caring, pleasant atmosphere with nurturing and affectionate caregivers
  • One that has clearly written policies that meet your standards
  • One that encourages exploration, skill development, and learning

What to consider when visiting

  • Does the environment seem comfortable and safe?
  • Is the space bright and cheery?
  • Listen for happy and busy sounds among the children
  • Look for pleasant interactions between children and caregivers
  • Check for balanced menus and nutritious snacks
  • Ask yourself, “Would I be happy spending my day here?”
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Additional tips

  • Get involved and keep the lines of communication open
  • Trust your instincts!
  • Above all, children should be smiling, happy, and busy when they are in a program.
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