“When my son, Ogechi, was diagnosed with autism at 18 months old, I was frightened. I thought, ‘What is autism? What does it mean, and what does the future hold for my child?’ That’s when I called INCLUDEnyc for the first time.”
Christine D., mother

Since then, Christine has continued to use INCLUDEnyc as a resource for nearly twenty years.
From finding an early intervention program and securing speech therapy to fighting for better school placements and higher academic goals, Christine has been a fierce advocate for her son. Today, Ogechi has not only graduated high school, he is attending the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

INCLUDEnyc helps parents, like Christine, throughout the life of their child. Every day, we offer support, advice, and training on disability issues—all free of charge.
Together, we can transform the lives of children with disabilities.

“I want to give Ogechi as many opportunities as possible. INCLUDEnyc helped me do that every step of the way.”

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